Top Light Italia Driver Visibility Experts
Traditional and LED bulbs for all applications, xenon and LED conversion kits for all road vehicles

Car Bulbs

Let our products light the way

Traditional and LED bulbs for all applications, xenon and LED conversion kits for all road vehicles

Sensori di retromarcia, Parking sensors and WDR cameras

Parking sensors e WDR Camera

The utmost safety in every situation

Parking sensors with sound alert or a combined display; WDR cameras for recording both while parked and when driving.

Worklights and Beacons, lampade da lavoro, fari da officina, torce ricaricabili

Worklights and Beacons

When you need light on the work site or for off-road use

Worklights, LED light bars of differing brightness and sizes according to use, LED beacons

lampade da officina

Car workshop lights

To see clearly where you put your hands

Car workshop flashlights and portable flashlights to ensure maximum visibility under any condition and use.

Spazzole Tergicristallo alta qualità vicenza Italy

Wiper Blades

To see clearly in any situation.

High-quality wiper blades for cars and industrial vehicles. We got you covered!

See clearly, in any situation.

STREET VISIONa Top Light project,

was created from this simple concept.

“We do everything we can to ensure that motorists can see clearly, either while driving
or manoeuvring, and we do so by every means possible.”

To be able to drive safely in the pouring rain, or travel under a snowfall or in the fog or simply in conditions of poor visibility without straining your eyes. These are just some of the objectives we set for ourselves when we think about the development of our products. Its consolidated experience in the automotive industry has allowed Top Light Italia to become a DRIVER VISIBILITY EXPERT, developing a range of innovative products, such as wiper blades, bulbs, worklights, reversing sensors and DVR cameras.

Top Light Italia has a wide range of products
for cars, heavy vehicles, motorcycles, and more

The Toplight Italia product ranges include:

Traditional, Hybrid, Flat, Rear Window, and Industrial wiper blades, a full range of standard bulbs for interior and exterior use on any car, LED and Xenon lighting kits and solutions, interior and exterior LED lights for cars and motorcycles, xenon bulbs, automotive beacons, LED light bars, worklights, parking sensors, DVR cameras, LED strips, DRLs (daytime running lamps), and car workshop lights. All our products result from in-depth research and a strategy based on 3 essential drivers, i.e.: Quality, Innovation, and Product Depth.

Toplight Italia, The Driver Visibility Experts